A friend of mine, Going to Flores this September the 12th for his final project. One of many adorable friend of mine!He is a geologist. He live life so passionately. He is Humourous, Adventurous person. He has many funny sentences and easily make me laugh. He loves mountain, hiking and all adventure stuff. He have a snake named Bagio. He is a metal head, and he loves all the metal music stuff. His favorite is Metallica and Burgerkill. Now he have a new battle vest, after he asked me for a suggestion about his battle vest composition. He have some great artwork, He’s even ever draw me!cool!He loves coffee too, so we often have a great coffee time together. He will going to Flores for unknown month, can be faster or later to find Stegodon Fossil that’s why all his friend called him Tekodon. Oooooh, I’m gonna missed him..

He’s an open-minded person, that’s why i like to discuss many things with him. He’s humble and Idealist. I was generalize that Sundanese man, is a Man I can’t be with because of they meekness. I think they were too slow, too much joking and bold-less. But i was change my view after I knew him.

I’m sooo sooo happy and excited when I know that he will going to Flores. This is was his big dream, and he make it!cool!And i’m so Lucky I know him:)

Bon Voyage and Have a Great Great Adventure!

Bon Voyage and Have a Great Great Adventure!

Well, Goodluck you there!you’re so lucky!im soooo envy!have a good great time, chase the change, experience and find all the Fossil!


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