Dream School

dream school

Have a plan to take a postgraduate studies MA in Social Entrepreneurship Goldsmiths University of London at 2016. aamiiiiin..

Why do I really want this?

1. I think social entrepreneur is a new skill which world need for a better living. Solve the social problem in a smart way and entrepreneurship skill.

2. Indonesia is a multicultural archipelago, has many cultures, values, potentials which is cannot be equated to one another to solve the overall social problem.

3. As an Industrial engineer which have a competence in a design, improve and install the integrated system including man, money, material, machine and method I believe that my competence could be able to design, improve and instal or even build a new integrated system to solved some social problem by using citizen empowerment approach

4. My final project is about  performance evaluation of Social Service Agencies at Sahabat Kota by using Balanced Scorecard.

5. Have a big dream to build up Sahabat Kota to be more impact full for Indonesia.

thats all, may increase as i finished to embroidering the sentences 😀

Are open to any scholarship :p


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