Helena (2)

As I promise, in this post I’ll tell you about group or individual choreography that accompanied by song Helena , my chemical romance, three cheers for sweet revenge album.

A couple weeks ago, I’m often got a dream about become a character in dance performance. One of my dream is  become the main character in Barbie and The Nutcracker ballet performance. But several times, my recurring dream is become a director and also the main character in Helena dance performance. My dream, crystal clear show me the detail of choreograph, formation, lighting, dancing property, stage layout, costume etc. Those things really makes me wants to burst out because I have no dancing group which might be used to embody a dance performance. Moreover, been a long time I do not dance, my body has been stiff for sure. But the love to a dance performance that was born since I became a member of the cheerleading team is not lost, up until now the idea of dance performance is always dancing beautifully in my head.

And so did this Helena song. I don’t know why, but my curiosity of showing a dance performance by using this song was living in my head and burst out every time I got less exercise. Afterwards, I draw some choreography and practice the dancing alone, in my room but it doesn’t help a lot.Finally, I’m surfing the internet to find out Helena dancing performance. And turns, enjoying observing and comment this dancing performance really work out to full fill my  dancing thirst.

This is my comment about some dancing performance which using Helena Song. All the judgments is all mine with a slightly dancing comprehension experience, enjoy..

This dancing performance seems show at the prom night (some girls wearing a gown back side). Unfortunately this dance performance not showing at the stage, so let’s we skip a lighting and stage layout topic.

At the beginning, the choreography was doing good. Some people just make a circle at the center and then at the same time turn around out suggest “open” the dance performance. At the beginning, “Helena” dance and move from a guy to another twice, I think it’s better when she moved to every guy with the different dance motion. The choreography was good, cohesive, powerful, also the turns was doing great but too much, seems monotone. The term is, this group enclose choreograph which lift “Helena” so cohesive, exact timing and calculating, cool! The power of this song is on its emotion and lyrics but this group are under-utilization this. More regrettable, they skipped the bridge part which at the video “Helena” was dancing alone. The costume are not so bad, but the Helena costume was too much ruffles at the skirt so that more look like salsa costume. Good Job Studio Romane!

I think, this group just forgot about “The center” deal. They blocking was ragged. The composition of dancer was enough, 7 person and 4 of them was become a male character. The stage layout sizable support I think even if not really great lighting, but still good. The Choreography on this dance was simple, if we watch this video twice we can do the dance like this. The dancer was powerless, the motion looks biased and rough. There’s an annoying choreograph when they were make a straight and chain choreograph it wasn’t good, too long and less dramatic and also at the first reff when the lyrics said “So long, and goodnight” they were turn around and put their hand on their cheek, looks like children’s lullaby dancing this choreograph was not bold enough for this music. There’s no “Helena” but my favorite part is when they manipulated the pump turn. Looks chic and turn around but easier to do for beginner. Another favorite part is when the lyrics said “when both our cars colide” girls with tutu skirt was lifted at the same time, so cohesive! The outlines of this dance performance is chic. About the costume, because they divided two character, the costume was doing great moreover if the male character buns out they hair neatly it will be much better.

This dance performance was attractive because it involving several people make couple. The dtage layout wasn’t bad enough but less lighting technique. The costume just too casual and less make up well, visually not too bad. The choreography was good but too uniform, repeatedly and less variation. I like the bridge part when every girls turns out, dancing and move to another couple and the timing and music conciliation with the motion when they take the umbrella is great!This is one of their best, that is we never expect that they put some umbrella around the stage, smart! Great property options but unfortunately the color of umbrella wasn’t uniform this is cause less dark sense on this dance performance. The cohesiveness wasn’t high enough, just some dancer who dancing totally and emotionally. Some of them just make a motion, that’s all.

Well it’s enough for this post. Hope you liked the review and I’m so opened to any criticisms and suggestions.  At the next post, I’ll show you two best Helena dancing performance just wait and see 😉


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