Helena (3)

Here it is my final post about Helena Dance performance. This two of dance performance was the best I think, but unfortunately its recorded only by handphone video camera. But still worth it to watch, enjoy..

I love the beginning of this performance so much! They were dancing by another My Chemical Romance song, The End. The lighting was interesting, certain shade of red seem gloomy and painful coupled with rigidly laying girl with a hospital clothes. Their costume was quietly good, difference but on the same theme.

The beginning choreography was good, the motion tells us the lyrics and the dancer was dancing beautifully, pour the emotion to it. But unfortunately the patient can’t stand any longer to lay down perfectly rigid so that she was a little bit moves while she waiting for her turn to dance, a forgotten detail. After lyrics“I expect you won’t cry” a black dress woman dancing with a full emotional motion and beautiful choreography. I love when some people make a row beside the stage and snapping fingers then disappeared. When turn into the next verse, the patient was started to dance with the black dress woman. They take the right time when the lyric said”I said yeaaaah” both dancer was dancing emotionally and they motion was canon (different choreography at the same time), The more cool is the choreographer on this  song is when the lyrics said “save me!too young to die and my dear” there’s a couple of people dancing emotionally, cohesive and dynamic then disappear again this is was sooo interesting! More over if on this part, both character was dancing with the same choreography it will be really cool.

Ngiiiiiiiiing~ great intermezzo for a transformation to the next song. I think, this dancing group was really good at formatting the dancer and canon motion.When started get into Helena song, They make a straight formation but after they turning around and started to dancing, the formation wasn’t straight for more but zig-zag. After that, they at coupled formation. There was an great motion when the lyrics said “Well I’ve been holding on tonight” one of the dancer was jogging then jump to hug the other dancer at the time, music and exact lyrics. Very great!

There was an interesting when they get into the second verse which is begin eith lyrics “came a time..”then they were dancing with a different view seems messed up or intentionally canon motion but if we take a look, they were dancing at the same choreography but because there was a different view of formation seems like there was a different choreography. Smart! Plus, with a little surprise when suddenly some dancer come into the stage and make a canon motion which is contained with a small circle and bigger circle outline. Both circle are turn around and dancing with a different direction and change the direction, This choreography was simple but the formation was so dynamic, im lovin’ it!

When get into second reff, they were really show their excel at canon and great formation. It’s clearly to see that when they dancing with a really neat formation but include 4 different choreography ended with the same choreography seems like they were on a funeral. Nice formation movement, no crash,really great!

“Helena” started to dance, I think for the perfect dancing performance at the begin, “Helena’s ”choreography wast dramatic enough if only there’s a lot of pump turn , I think Pump Turn Choreograph was so “Helena”. Moreover seems like too much empty part of these song which is can be full fill by some great choreography.

When started to get into the third reff it was just too anticlimax I Think. The choreography, formation not as perfect as the beginning. Especially when they do an emotional pose, well actually its great but too much so it seems like a cooling part. But the ending of this dance performance was really good when they started to lay on the stage ang hardly wake up but lay on again, so cohesive and really closed the show. What a good job!

This is my favorite Dance Performance. PVI Dance really makes me envy and want to have a dancing group immediately! Hehehe. Let’s started from talk about the visual. They include another character besides “Helena” on this dance performance, that is “Gerard Way” seems this dance performance was My Chemical romance with a backup dancers. The number of people who involved at this dance performance is kinda many, so luxurious. The costume are also great, all of the dancer bond their hair or at least they concern about hair do so impressed over the totality. Their lighting was perfect, you’ll see when they started the performance. Unfortunately, this show was recorded by handphone camera, but you will still agree that this performance was really great! take your time..

Lets started from the Intro. “Helena” was there but she wasn’t dancing at all. And then “Gerard Way” seems started to tell the story of this song because light began highlighted to. But suddenly, Helena ran out and disappears with her dress waving.

When get into the first verse, light began to be widened. It’s started to see that some dancers are dancing flexibly and lively and the detail choreography with a neat formation. I love the part when the dancers before they started to dancing was jumping like toe touch with the lighting effect by shilloutte its so interesting for a show begin. After they were dancing so cohesively, and then they started a canon motion with the dynamic emotional pose then all of them was on bended knee and one of them was standing with the balanced pose with a blue lighting at the background its really really greaaaat!!!!

Suddenly it looks like dark on the stage. We never expect there’s some dancer get into the stage make a big triangle formation with a yellowish red lighting. What a perfect collaboration of formation, choreography, music and lighting!!

Get into a second verse, we were surprised by a dancer who so suddenly get into the stage. This time, there was a male dancer with hat and suspender. They was a couple of the girl with dress.  Again, I think this performance was consider the costume detail. Really really good. When the couple dancer was dancing, another dancer started to back off neatly and without crashed with the exact time and music so it wasn’t look like they were just going. While waiting for their turn to back off, some dancer do such emotional pose which enrich the composition of the stage. Superb!Unfortunately we can’t talk about more detail at this part because it was dark vision on the video L

This is oh so dramatic second reff. All the dancer down on bended knee and dancing with a waving choreography and there’s a lot emotional pour into this part especialy “Gerard Way” makes the show seems like so that emotional. Plus the red lighting Ditambah dengan pencahayaan merah di belakang indeed give the impression of bleak and filled with painful emotions.

At the bridge part, when it’s time “Helena ”, the dancer which is at the center of the stage was step aside give the space for “Helena” to dance.without any failure like crashing, they spin around and take a pose so here we come “Helena” with  Tanpa sedikitpun kesalahan seperti bertabrakan, mereka berputar kemudian menyingkir dan berpose lalu datanglah “Helena” dan light spread so suddenly concentrated to the center. Superb!”Helena” dancing flexibly menari dengan lentur although the dress look like the nightgown but the detail of make up was consider too we can see that “Helena” seems like eye less. Cool! “Gerard  Way’s” motion seems like he’s just see and know who was dancing but she was untouchable for him oooh this is insanity great!aaaaakkkk!!!and the closing of this part is “Helena” with pump turn over and over and “Gerard way” sliding on bended knee at the lyrics “When both our cars, Colide”according to the music, timing, lighting and lyrics. Perfect!

Surprise on the dance show is not ending, when entering the third reff, simultaneously the dancers was dancing from the direction of the cross and playing their umbrella. What a great property choices. Dancing with a very great choreography when the lyrics said “So long and goodnight, so long not goodnight” Their motion war really show us about the meaning of the lyrics while trying to hide next to the stage and let “Gerard Way” ascend the throne and closed the show with farewell to the audience and turn back off with the lighting which suddenly turn off too. Insane!

I think this dancing performance insanity cool!All the detail on this performance was doing perfect, standing applause plus scream out for this performance.

Well, I hope you like my review about  some Helena dance performance. And I’m so open to anyone who wants to show Helena performance with me. Shall we?:D



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