Alterbridge Live in Concert Jakarta

Been a month ago and the energy feels like forever!kyaaaa!!

on 8th march 2014 MEIS Ancol, Jakarta. I attend Alterbridge concert and it was a best date ever!!On their fourth album Fortress tour, Indonesia was the last country they’ve visited in Asia. I really cant hardly wait till the time has come!on the way to Jakarta, My heart beat so fast!I go with Escapade that is Alvin, Ahmad, Jaka and Donny Boy of course!

Arrived at MEIS at 5PM, doesn’t need wait too long until its open gate. Lucky me, to buy a golden festival ticket take me to really-really near with the stage. Just about 2 persons in front of me and I can see Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonty, Brian Marshall and Scot Philips close enough. The opening Band is Netral, an Alternative Rock Band from Indonesia at 7.30 PM. After their performance, we don’t have to wait too long untill the stage already dark and waaaang, tereretetet!Mark tremonty started to play his guitar. The first performance with the song Addicted to Pain. Sooo excited!Lets make some noise..kyaaaa!!wohooooo!!oy!oy!oy!

Awesome aren’t they?I think someone who’s take this video was standing next to me. Still cant believe i finally met Alterbridge an im so ready to rock!!Unfortunately, songs I’ve waited to see the live performance wasn’t played like Cry a River, Fortress and All End is Well. But Here my favorite performance

At Metalingus performance, Lucky me that Myles Kennedy was squat exactly in front of me and we have an eye contact for some seconds and he sings very great aaaah im going crazy!!

Can you see that?they were really-really skillful!!can you hear the noise?Im one of their excited fans who make some noise!hahaha. this the most precious 1,5 Hours of my Year!!AWESOME!!the voices are same like the records, Myles Kennedy sings so well and all the personnel really-really skillful and almost no missed tune on their song!Cool!This concert was getting higher when Myles played Watch over you in Solo.

Sooo happy, and sooo worth-ed!They not only perform songs on their fourth album but also from another album like Blackbird, Open your eyes, AB III. This concert was safe, and not chaos at all. I was among bouncing people and its totally safe. The suggestion is when you going to see rock or any harder music concert, you should not going there alone (female only) its better to go with your trusted boys like friends or brother or couple. Things are still running around my head is when Myles said, Indonesia you’re so fantastic!aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!the energy feels like forever!!you really have to see their live performance!

Thanks for your coming Alterbridge, See you again. And thanks for the energy. I could finished my final project and got more spirit whenever i remind your live performance. You guys are awesome!


Especially, Thanks Donny Boy for a greatest date ever!!love.






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