My Sustainability Score

Hello!This is a game to get to know your sustainability score. Its really easy!just describe your activity today and count the average of your sustainability score!its ranged from 1 to 5 as the best.

Use of material:
what its made of?
-1 if don’t know
0-1 if mineral
2-3 if recycled materials
4-5 if organic materials

CO2 Emission:
from where the goods are?
-1 if don’t know0-1 if from abroad
2-3 if from other region
4-5 if from my local city

Generated waste:
after you finished, you waste
-1 if don’t know
0 if many, inorganic, can’t be recycled
1 if little, inorganic, can’t be recycled
2 if many, inorganic, can be recycled
3 if little, inorganic, can be recycled
4 if difficult to decomposed organic (Such paper, Banana leafs, bones)
5 if easy to decomposed organic/waste-less

lets play!

here’s the table of sustainability score

Activity Tools/Resorces/Means

Sustainability Score

Use of resource CO2 Emission generated waste

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