Sustainable Development

TFT. Training For Trainer. This month is TFT time for Sahabat Kota. The Founder started to share the knowledge and value to all f member in order to organizations sustainability. First subject to share is Sustainable Development. Well we start from the discussion of what is sustainable development it self?

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”-The United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED)

“as the ability to meet the needs of the present while contributing to the future generations’ needs.”-Michael Thomas Needham

Through all the discussion and simulation games, let me tell you about sustainable development in my opinion.

Sustainable development is based on the awareness of carrying capacity. What capacity? All the resource. Time, Man, Money, Material, Method and especially natural resources. Why do we have to be aware of nature carrying capacity?

“World is enough for every man’s need not for one man’s greed”-Mahatma Gandhi

Find out, learn and understand that the natural resources has it carrying capacity. Although it was a renewable resources but still it has carrying capacity.

carrying capacityWe can exploit the resources to the maximum capacity but sooner or later we’ll run out. Peoples get a desire to growth Development in every aspect. Its good moreover to gain improvement. But how, if the resources has it limited carrying capacity? That’s why we need to learn and build up the sustainable development. A development that consider all the resources, cycle, impact of its development sustainably. How do we start a sustainable development? Here’s Herman Daly’s Triangle (Herman Daly is Economic Ecology professor from US)

dalystriangleIts a framework to a sustainable development. What is human’s means to ends?we have to recognize and refer to our means to end. Its not easy to make a change, why? because this is human’s mental model iceberg

mental modelEvent is something tangible but the event it self, not the roots of event it self. its just a symptom. Pattern is something repetitive from the events that makes a pattern. But the pattern it self, shown by the structure which is human’s ability to think and imagine a cause and effect. Mental models play a role in establishment of structure. Its kind of self in society consciousness. At the end, the ice berg is started from the container. Container is something we believe and unquestionable.

Well to make a new you in sustainable development, we can start from “Let’s redefine our thinking”. What is the purpose of human created. What kind of life do you want the most?


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