My Life Event 2015


  • I did a lot of Volunteering at this month. I work for KAIL, BQA (Baitul Qur’an AsySyifa). So happy to finally met children, play and learn things with them.
  • Making one of my biggest decision of working at Jalan Sesama. To work on organisation which make projects for children’s education is one of my biggest dream but sometimes we need to let go something big to pursue bigger one. I decided to not working with them and started my own activity to spread bigger impact.
  • Started my Career at NyoNya Nursingwear as Support System Officer while i work on my KAIL Projects.


  • Sooooo happy to have a new nephew (again). She is Alesha Cleonefa Deristian. She’s a first daughter of my boyfriend’s brother. Welcome to the world little Al..
  • Indonesia Fashion Week with Nyonya Nursingwear.


  • My best friend and favourite highschool couple’s engagement Bia and Sonny so happy for you guys!
  • Giving birth to my baby-onlineshop MamiBelle Nursingwear
  • Build up my social-entrepreneur project, Rumput Kecil with my best partner Aulia Amanda, Eva Nurfadilah and Debby Josephine
  • Attended my elementary school favourite band, Dewa 19. After 12 years hiatus they finally live in concert!yeaayyy!!


  • Just launched my online shop MamiBelle
  • My sister and my lovely niece moved to Seoul, South Korea. Mama take them to their new place and I have to live with my 4 big baby huey, Papa and brothers, Akang, Ido and Ili. So exciting!!
  • Just published rumput kecil’s first post!Yeaaaaayyy!!Well, me and my friends (Eva, Debby and Manda) are decided to have our tiny mini story-telling movement through social media.
  • I had my cup tasting class, it was a well-spent saturday to woke up in the morning and having cup tasting class.


  • Social weeeeek so glad to got a chance, participated on OMG event by kopeahasanah.
  • the first girl in my Arisan Geng whose taken already. I wish you have a very happy wedding day Tiaraa!
  • and the first girl in my only 9 Unjani’s Engineering girls. Wish you have a very happy wedding day Mayaaa!


  • kick 5000 followers on MamiBelle
  • my very first away Ramadhan. So i moved from parents house already. Welcome Adulthood!!


  • My first brother got his first job as Tour Guide for French in Bali. Since he studied at French Literature and joined student mountaineering club, this job really suits for him. Never thought that I will so nervous to getting far from him.


  • NyoNya and MamiBelle nursingwear for mother and baby fair Bandung. So exciting to finally met my customer since my product’s sold online.
  • What’s better than surprise fine dining and adult coloring book?Thankyou Donny Boy ❤


  • NyoNya and MamiBelle nursingwear for mother and baby fair Surabaya.
  • My very first solo traveling. Malang is a friendly enough for first female’s solo traveling will share about it soon!hihihi


  • NyoNya and MamiBelle nursingwear for mother and baby fair Jakarta.
  • Visited my sister and my niece at Seoul, my first solo abroad, will tell you later about this!


  • Living a life at Seoul!!just wait for every detail of my Seoul Journey!

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