My first Solo Traveling. Malang, East Java

I had my first Solo traveling last year. Right after i had exhibition for NyoNya and MamiBelle in Surabaya, I felt like I got a golden chance to kabur (escaping in bahasa). I don’t know I usually always chase my escapade whenever I have a chance. So I decided to visited Malang, a small city which my homestay parents are living now. My first intention to go to Malang is to visited them. Lucky me, they gave me a place to stay (again) soooo happy that i would stay for few days there.

Well Malang is quite enough for Females first solo traveling actually. This city is pretty similar with my hometown, Bandung. They both placed at 600 meters above sea level. The weather is pretty similar. Somebody had told me that in colonial period, everyone called Bandung as Paris van Java and Malang as Bandung van Java. I could easily in love with this town and you know why.

Anyway, How did I reached my self to Malang? Well because I had something to do in Surabaya, so I went to Surabaya from Bandung by plane. It cost like about 485.000 IDR in 2015. I stayed there for a couple days after that, i went to Malang by shuttle car (Cost like 75.000-125.000 IDR per person). By the way, i booked one day trip in Malang right before i went. You can book for one person and guided by a tour guide. The guide will take you everywhere by a motorcycle. They can arrange your tour, transportation and accomodation as well. Lucky me, i got a free place to stay which is my homestay parents house. But you can find some good hotels there will cost you like about 150.000-500.000 IDR per night

So, here some places i’ve visited


Coban Rondo Waterfalls (1)


Coban Rondo Waterfalls (2)

What a peaceful place to watched water falling down the hills, listen to the music and feel the water splash!


Omah kayu,


Flying site Batu, Malang

Unfortunatelly when i planed to flying from here all the parasailing instructor went to west java huft.

Transportation museum, Batu Malang.

At the end of the day, I ate sticky rice and went back to my home stay parents house

at the very next day in the morning, i woke up and went back to Surabaya, and have a flight back to Bandung!


Thankyou, Malang. See you again!!


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