Living life at Seoul (1)

I went to Seoul at October 2015 to visited my sister and my niece. Well, she lived there for a couple years but now she already back to Indonesia. I lived there for about 3 months and here I’m going to tell you what to do at Seoul for a couple months. Let’s start from what to prepare and what to do in Korea!

What to prepare before your solo Seoul Adventure:

  1. Visa. Sure this is your first requirement before you enter this Ginseng Country. This is my very first time abroad so i have some tips and trick for Indonesian who wants to apply Visa to Korea and first time abroad as well. post about it soon!
  2. Seoul Metro apps. There’s several apps for Seoul transportation. You can download it from your mobile phone. I used Subway Korea. Some places are better reached by a bus. You can download Seoul bus apps from your mobile phone as well. I used Seoulbus pro (wrote in Hangul)
  3. Naver. Korea is more informative on Naver since it was their product as well. I don’t think google help a lot than Naver.
  4. Meet up apps. Seoul has so many interesting community event. You should download this apps and meet friendly local there. Some people talk English in Korea, you’ll find locals who willing to talked and being friends with foreigner here.
  5. Portable internet modem. You can lease pocket wifi even for weeks right after you arrive at Incheon airport.
  6. Language. Korean speak Hangul, partially Chinese and English. You should at least learn how to read Hangul and simple conversation like Annyeong Haseyo~
  7. Travel mate. Just in case you can not stand to walked alone among the romantic vibe. This is Seoul, Love is in the air!hohoho

What to do:

  1. Hangul class. If you planned to travel for months, you should join Hangul class. There’s several places to study Hangul, you can find free Hangul class as well. I joined class at Kongbubang its a free class you just need to buy the books for 10.000 won (if you need to but they will give you free copy every module) and donate start from 1.000 won each module. They provide you from level 0 to expert. There is some after class meeting as well especially if you take Saturday class. The teachers are friendly, i love to take Hangul class here. This is me with Yong Wook a.k.a Wookie, Teacher of level 1 class at Kongbubang after class.
  2. Public Space. Since i live in Indonesia with not really good public space facilities (lucky me live in Bandung with better public space, nuhun kang emil) I loooove public space so much especially park. There is some public space which have some event and seasonal festival. My favourite one is Yeouido park its connected to Yeouido Hangang Park, nice riverside Park, everyone usually have picnic here on Summer. You can reach this park by subway on Yeouido station (line 9 exit 4)

    You can see 63 Building, Korea’s tallest and most recognize Building from Yeouido Hangang Park.

    will post about another parks later!

  3. Wear Hanbok. Since you in Korea, you really have to try wearing Hanbok. Hanbok is Korean traditional attire for woman. You can try wearing and take a photo at Seoul Global Cultural Center Myeongdong.
  4. Coffee Shop. Coffee is a hug in a mug. I love coffee very much. Seoul has some nice coffee shop, their coffee usually from Brazil and Guatemala. Some coffee shop provide Sumatera Mandailing and Toraja Kalosi. My favourite coffee shop is Humming Bella at Hongdae and Paris Croissant (there is some places but my favourite is near Gyeongbokgung Palace) i love the cake and coffee there.
  5. Hiking. There is some mountains to climb in Korea, elderly people loves to hike here. If you joined hiking group at meet up apps there is some hiking group. Hiking in Korea is easy and beginner friendly (since i more beach person hiking wasn’t good idea for me but i love to try new things!let’s hiking!Best time for hiking is on Fall (October-November). One fine day im going to hike Bukhansan (Bukhan mountain) with my Friend, Tian and So Kang. I think I started loves mountain!!so worth to hike!

    look at our happy face!hehehe

  6. Cycling. You can use bike sharing at Seoul to cycling around the town but if you want to have an easy one you can cycling around Yeouido and Yeouido hangang park. There’s a place to rent bicycle, feel the air and have fun!!


7. Chimjilbang. This is famous Korean Spa. You should treat your self and spend the night here. You have to forget about the awkwardness, because before you have some treatment you should take a bath on the very huge bathroom with various Jacuzzi and Sauna but, clothes are prohibited here (there’s different place for men and women of course) after that, you really have to wearing spa clothes they provide and after that have a sleep at some thematic spa room. They have some massage service and nice food you really have to try charcoal egg there. After all, it’s so relaxing. The biggest chimjilbang is Dragon Hill Spa, at Yongsan. Right next to Yongsan Station.


Okay, enough for now!Post about what to eat and drink, where to visit and where to shop at the Living life at Seoul (2)

See ya!




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