Dream Diary-Santorini Indoor version

Well two days ago i had dream about visited Korea (maybe because i wrote about Korea recently, makes me dreaming about it). I went to Korea with my friend, Riana. We went by plane to some place there and rent a private room for two because we planned to stay couple days there. I met fancy Korean guy with a short died hair, his hair is blonde. He treats me well, wacky, wicked but protective. We went to public bathing place. The placed more looks like Santorini with Indoor version. Its like a very huge dome with white interior and there’s a giant hot bath with various depth in one pool. That Korean guy makes a joke on me he takes me to the middle of the pool drown me once or twice and left me but he take me back and laughing. I got tired and a little bit angry, I want to went back to my place. When I went to  changing room, there is another Korean guy with more manly looks. He has a wavy black hmmm maybe dark brown long hair. He is one of the first korean guy friends. He asked me am i okay when his friend make a joke on me. He ask about my condition as well, he’s very nice and sweet but nobody knows he treats me like that. He try to make sure that im okay million time. After that, I went to changing room and change my clothes. I met a Korean girl and have some talk with her. She told me that she do some business with her siblings (sound very like me). She told me about how she run her business and how she make some strategies for her business sustainability. We shared contact and went back home. When i just got home, I met my high school friend, she stayed next to my room. After have some small talk with her, i went back to my room and have some sleep.


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