Dream Diary-Sacred Springs and Fireflies

Last night I had dream about the adventure of finding sacred springs and fireflies. I went to traveled around Bali with two friends. I just remember one of them named Astari ( I don’t even have a friend named Astari) and i don’t remember the other one. We went to explore Ubud by a motorbike. I ride my bike and Astari sat right behind me, the other one ride her own motorbike. We went to a temple and a guy who lived on the temple told us that there’s a place had sacred springs with a very beautiful view. We decided to find that place and it wasn’t easy. We have to passed a traditional fish market. Fish, Fish, Yummy Fish everywhere. After that we have to find the way through traditional woof market. We finally found a pathway among the rice field which lead us to a small forest. The day is getting dark, its afternoon already. There’s so much fireflies around us like try to told us where to go and finally we found the sacred spring and yes it has a very beautiful view. Like a secret pond with a water burst from the middle of the pond. The pond is dark but sparkling lights from the moon was reflected from the ponds water. And it’s like some white fireflies dancing above the pond. Soooo beautiful. Not long after I enjoying the moment, i woke up.


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