Dream Diary-Ski and Forest

4 days ago I had dream about playing ski with my friend. The dream told me that i was went abroad, i don’t remember exactly where is it but its like somewhere in Europe maybe Swiss or Norway (Its shows a lot in my dream as well). So I went to ski resort with my friend, Forester. We met at Seoul. He wear his favorite jacket the black-white-blue-and-green one. We planned to play ski since i canceled my plan to playing ski at Pyeongchang (tell you later about this) because I’ve lost my excitement right after i saw the ski track because it’s look so high i didn’t brave enough hohoho. Anyway, There’s an old European ski resort building with a strong dark brown window. I can see people playing ski from the window. Inside the building, it’s a very homey place with a thick rug, hard sofa and stoned fireplace. We’re going to start playing ski. At the first time, I dont want to playing ski because I can’t but he keep ask me to have a try on ski. Before we play, he taught me some tricks and basic ski. He’s a wicked friend as usual. When i try to survive with my skis he make some jokes on me, i almost falling to the snow and he laughing. huh. After that, we are going through ski escalator. Right after that, i woke up.


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