Dream Diary-Master Studies at English Literature and Linguistic

I had a weird dream last night (I am weird so it will be weird if i haven’t weird dream hehehe). I dream about take my English literature and linguistic studies (the weirdness is, i have a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering how will I take a linguistic master studies?hahaha). I went to take my class and my professor gave us project at some kind of jurnalistic field. To be honest i have no idea what is it. So I asked my friend who studied English linguistic before named Aal to do this project and he seems agree. In between my busy activity at campus, I met my high school friend named Fachmy (never seen him for years). The last thing I know about him is, he was broke up with his ex-girlfriend which now was my ex’s girlfriend. It’s complicated, i know. Fachmy invited me to his wedding day. I’m surprised and happy that he already move on. Fachmy will marry a Hindi girl I don’t remember her name but all i know is, He invited my friends from Physic Laboratory (when i became a physic laboratory assistant), Rili, Mim and Masram. I told Fachmy that i will try my best to attend his party because I have million to do list at the time. After i met Aal to talked about the project, i try to prepare my self and take some stuff at my dorm.

My campus is more similar to 5 stars hotel. I met Aal at the lobby and went to my room by the elevator. I took my stuffs and prepare my self to the wedding party. The venue is on the campus cafe. The cafe was so fancy, they had indoor and outdoor area. It had an ancient european farm building which used for the bride to changes clothes and put on her make up. I went to that building and take my Sari (Kind of clothes from India). I came too late and almost no one left there. I met the bride’s father and have some talk with him. I met my physic laboratory friend as well but i didn;t have a time to have more talks with them. I’m too busy (sounds so familiar)when i decided to looking for these three musketeers, i woke up


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