Living life at Seoul (2)

As I promise, this is my second post about living in Korea and what to eat and drink there. keep reading!

What to eat/drink:

  1. Korean Barbeque. Every country has it own style of barbeque i think (my friend disagree, he said barbeque is barbeque since he traveled around the world. tell you about him later). Korean barbeque usually eat wrapped in lettuce, i put small piece of grilled meat dipped in to changgirem (cooking oil with salt), pickled onions, cabbage salad with black sesame and one slice of white radish and wrapped it on green lettuce nyaaaam so yummy!my niece love to eat gunjangjige kind of blood cockle soup. Our favourite one is placed at Jongno. You can reach the place by subway to jongno-sam(3)-ga exit 9, it placed 2 buildings after baskin robin.
    what to eat korea_6780.jpg

    me with my friend, brother and sister. Well actually my niece was hidden next to me

    what to eat korea_3735.jpg

  2. Galbitang. This is one of Korean soup. made from beef ribs and the broth is so tasty!there is mushrooms, ginseng, green onion, white noodles and one jujube (a kind of dates fruit). I feel like home because the taste of Galbitang remind me to Mie Kocok in Bandung. For me, better eat this when winter after a long day of walking exploring Seoul. yumm!yumm!


    My favourite Galbitang ❤

  3. Samgyetang. This is summer soup actually. Made from a whole chicken, small chicken, with a sticky rice on it. The soup is thick, bubbling when its hot!The taste is salty and savory. I eat this near Yeouido, Goryeo Samgyeting you can find it on trip advisory.

    what to eat korea_8022.jpg

    Samgyetang ooooh samgyetang

  4. Twikim. This is Korean street food, like some kind of deep fried cuttle fish, shrimp, tuber and kind of spring roll. I ate this with Tteokbokki (korean rice cake with spicy sauce) and Odeng (korean fish cake serve with crab soup). You can find this food everywhere but I recomend you to eat twikim from jaws food it placed at some places but I usually go to jaws food in Jongno and Dangsan. If you go to dangsan station exit 2 right after that you will find jaws food.
    what to eat korea_6095.jpg

    one is never enough


    Street food Odeng

  5. Hot Bar. Hot bar is contained various savory snack like grilled chicken, twikkim, odeng, saussage and many more. You can find this almost everywhere.
  6. Hotteok. Korean pancake. Made from dough with brown sugar and black sesame on it, you can choose fried or toast. My favourite one is roast because the fried one is too oily for me.

    What to eat korea_8908.jpg

    roast hotteok

  7. Delimanjoo. Corn cake filled with sweet corn custard. You can find this at some station. My niece love this cake she can eat this like ten!not sure she likes it or just always hungry hehehe.

    What to eat korea_7783.jpg

    Delimanjoo. cuteness overload.

  8. Bungeoppang. Fish shapped cake. This cake is pretty popular here, it has various stuffing like tuna salad, salami cheese and the most popular one, red bean custard. Bungeoppang is easy to find as well. There are street food kiosk and mini market sell this bungeoppang.

    Red Bead Bungeoppang

    What to eat korea_660.jpg

    Tuna Salad Bungeoppang

  9. Dakgalbi. This is nowadays Korean popular dishes, made from chicken, vegetables, noodle, tteokbokki and gochujang (korean traditional must use paste) stir fried right in front of us. You can eat this at Yoogane korean food restaurant. I dont really like Dakgalbi because i dont like Gochujang.

    What to eat korea_9672.jpg

    Dakgalbi at Yoogane

  10. Maeyun Dakbal. This is spicy boneless chicken feet. The level of spicy is hell!!sooooo spicy!!Sweet and spicy. I usually eat this with rice mixed with red caviar, nori and white sesame and one other side dishes, tofu pudding. You can find this everywhere. But i like maeyun dakbal near Indonesia Embassy.
  11. Soju. This is distillation drink from Korea, like must drink water here. I dont like soju, it taste like hospital but since i stayed at Korea i think i have to drink it at least one shot.


    Photo credit: Google

  12. Makgeolli.This is alcoholic beverage from Korea as well. Makgeolli taste better than Soju. It taste sweet. Made from steamed and fermented rice makgeolli has more turbid color than Soju. Im not really like alcohol beverage actually, but makgeolli is okay.


    Photo credit: Google

  13. Traditional tea. Korea has similar tradition of drink tea like Japan. you can try some ancient tea recipe. There’s some tea house at Jongno and Insadong. They usually drink tea with various sweet rice cake as known as Hahngwa. A friend of mine, which native Korean take me to have some fancy tea time at the oldest tea house at Insadong named Dawon. You can take yourself to Anguk station line 3 exit 6.
    What to eat korea_2310.jpg

    Pomegranate Tea with sun flower seed at Jongno


    Citrus Tea at Insadong


    Great tea, Great place, Great friends!Purfect!(Tian, Hyo Sun Park, Meeee)

  14. Traditional food Icheon. I went to eat Korean traditional food at Icheon with my brother and his colleague.  I forgot what the name of the restaurant is, but if you’ll going to have Korean traditional food just make sure they’ll serve you kind of food with so many dishes like this. For Moslem, be careful one of them is pork you should ask the waitress first.


    Korean Traditional Food

  15. Indonesian food Ansan. Just in case you are Indonesian and missing the food so much you can go to Ansan and find Warung Kita. It provides Indonesian food to make you feel home.

Talked about food, need to write it on one post it self hehehe. Tell you later about where to visit and shop!Hope you enjoy it, See ya!



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