dream diary – family conspiration

Last Monday, I dream about having a trip with my family. Unfortunately, it was a boring trip no fun at all because mom act like angry to us for no reason all the time. Finally we arrived to the hotel and everyone has their own time. The dream told me that i had an illness that makes me have to drink a traditional medicine. I dont remember the recipee of the medicine all i remember just turmeric and another glasses of medicine with green, brown and black liquid.

I dont know how, but everyone at my office seems like moved to work at my hotel. I put my medicine on our table and one of my reckless co worker just throw away my medicine. I did not mad at her but a told her things that make she thinks and guilty and left her by a motorcycle with my sister and my niece. She suddenly ran out to me and apologize. That’s okay.

After that, I went to take my sister and my niece to the hotel. My niece smaller than reality and she fell asleep in my arms she woke up a little and said, “Mami Alit (Auntie), im a baby, treat me like a baby” and she go back to sleep. After make sure that my sister and my niece are on the right place, I went to attended workshop at some place with dorm and i lived there (I dont remember where) but the class provide us to learn Cha Cha dance. I dance perfectly on my (suddenly changed) red dress. Like i master it before.

After class, i have some discussion with friends and suddenly, don’t know from where, my friend named Forester come with his pale face and sat right behind me. He hold my hand and told me that he feels sick (i know from his touch, words and face that he asked me to taking care for him). I asked, since when the symptom is coming and planned to take him to the doctor. He finally asked me to taking care of him. Like come on, where have you been?after his disappearance he suddenly came to me and asked me to taking care of him. I even already moved to Yogyakarta and then Baliand he just came. He said that he was visited US for work stuffs etc things i dont need to know actually. It’s okay anyway.

Before take him to the doctor, we went to my form to take my stuffs by canoe through wavy pool. Right before i arrived to the pool shore, there’s a big green wave and its almost turn around my canoe but i survived and saved from the waves (the wave even pushed me to the shore which is helped a lot) we have to take a walk from shore to my dorm. Before went to the dorm, i went to a small temple (Balinese temple) to meet my friend, Zia. Ibun at ZIa’s place as well, he’s my acquaintances but we talked nothing when we met. I told Zia about Forester and she agreed that Forester is doing selfish to me.

After talked to Zia, I went back to forester setelah itu aku balik lagi Forester but he looks weird. Just look too girlish. I wonder why. And suddenly there is his 2 sisters wants to join us. So I went with them but finally, everything has revealed. That’s not Forester, That’s his other one sister who pretend to be him! It’s his curly twins!Forester was kidnapped when i talked to Zia and they spy on me all this time. I know that is their parent’s plan (there’s a scene their mama and papa sat on a limo like a mafia and smoking look at me evilly) I asked where Forester is but they wont tell me. I don’t know why the didn’t allowed me to meet Forester and the dream told me that Forester unhappy for that. I ran out and wicked sisters catch me. At some point, they backed off because i could went to a big hall and moved peoples, control the lighting and formation so that Forester can find me. He found me. I woke up


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