How to Support People With Cancer

Back to living a life in Indonesia. My Seoul adventure such a great experience i had. My adventure hasn’t stopped yet. There’s million adventures ahead are sets for me to dare.

I went home at the end of January 2016. I need to arranged my company anniversary event. Going back home makes me busier (since I always busy anyway). The event was held at Jakarta, which is not my hometown. So there’s so many things to do to make it superb. I really have to go back and fort to Jakarta and my hometown, Bandung and make sure of everything. I enjoyed it so much, since i love my job its always exciting for me to taking care of this how is it hard, tiring yet challenging and fun!

The most challenging part of arranged company anniversary is to managed time and split it with someone who need your support while he/she known to have cancer. Yes, not long after i went back to Indonesia I’ve got a news from my brother in law who stayed in Seoul that diagnosed have a colon cancer. So it was me, my sister and my niece in a car, we stopped to buy things, i went in to the market and going back to the car and found out my sister cried hard and she told me that her husband was diagnosed have a colon cancer.

The first thing that came to my mind is, okay we have a new challenge now lets think about how to deal with it. I can’t help my self to see my sister crying, but i know i really have to keep it cool (even if it’s not I’m gonna cried hard as well). So I gently hugs her and my niece and said, let’s face it together. Since that, i deal with my self to chase this challenge no matter what. I’ll do my best.

All they need is support, i will do anything to support my sister and my brother.

The anniversary went very great, we had such a great moment and yes it’s a new buzz for our business. After that, we planned to pick up my brother and make plan of his treatment. I don’t think i have the authority to decided the treatment and directly support them. Since I’ve promised to my self, i committed to support them by taking care of their daughter. My bother planned to take colon surgery so we rent an apartment across the hospital and live there while my brother hospitalized.

My niece only want to be with me (while her mother stay at the hospital and taking care of her husband). It makes me have to went back and forth Jakarta-Bandung (again) like twice in a week because i have to taking care of my niece and my business at the same time but her mother doesn’t allowed me to take my nice to Bandung lucky me there’s my mom helped us as well.

Months been passed, my brother had his chemotherapy done. Now my brother already back to Indonesia and will not back to Seoul. The challenge is already done, we did it!

From my experience, what we can do to support people with cancer?
1. Keep everything cool. We know this could be so full sentimental moment, but remember taking it too emotionally will not make anything better. Keep cool, and think clearly.
2. Do everything you can do. Taking care of niece, cooking, housekeeping, dancing, singing whatever. Do everything you can do to make the situation good, make sure that you can handle their things while they hospitalized very well.
3. Take a respect. You know when someone is survive with their illness there’s some food or activity are prohibited for them. Don’t eat juicy beef steak with mushroom sauce in front of him/her (since my brother got cancer he can’t eat red meat anymore).
4. Positive statement. Are you okay? seriously. Lying on a bed all they long with regular injections and medicines you think its okay?better to say everything in a positive statement. You can say, Hey you look better today, do you want something for lunch?trust me, it’s helped a lot. Stay positive!
5. Praying and believing. Don’t stop praying you know everything come for a reason. Believing that the challenge is to make you get closer to your God and family, believing that however the illness will go away, believing that to stay patient and fighting is a part of faith.

In the end all we can do just do your best, and God will do the rest. So happy that my brother is already recovered. He spent his time a lot with his wife and daughter.


my brother in law with his family before his last chemotherapy when they had vacation at Bali

To see your family happy, that’s the most beautiful thing you couldn’t asked for more.

you can read the detail story how to support husband with cancer at my sister’s web

let’s be happy, people!


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