Recalling Desire

Back in my childhood, I was a very active children. I got bullied when I’m 3 years old (the time when I entered kindergarten and the rest children of A grade class was 4 years old) all my friends told me that I’m an “anak-bawang” (youngest one) who can’t do everything as well as 4 yo (hahahaha kiddos). It makes me never had a role as mother while we played house living role play. Years came by, and I was a 1st grade student already. During my elementary schools, I had many younger neighbors and it was the time for me to had a role as mother or teacher or something more mature than the others. I love to play with them, I taught them counting, reading and told them stories (mostly fictions, fresh from my imagination and they loved it!).

In 2008 I was at high school when the first time for me to contributed at social community Sahabat Kota as volunteer for Kisah Sahabat Kota 2. An educative summer camp for 8-12 yo Children, makes me instantly recalled my desire to have some interactions with kiddos. I enjoyed my time here, since i learned a lot from here as well. I officially promoted as a volunteer manager at Sahabat Kota in 2010 (still fresh men in university) and keep on my contributions here until I became a board of Director in 2012. But in 2014 we have to let Sahabat Kota vacuum for an unpredictable times.

At the same year, I graduated from university. I work as an Intenship at KAIL (an NGO for community development) while I try to applied some jobs at other NGO like kopernik and Jalan Sesama (as known as Sesame Street). But luck wasn’t on my side. I didn’t got the job. So I decided to work for my sister’s business and running my socio-startup, Rumput Kecil.


Alang, from Rumput Kecil

Rumput Kecil is designed as a platform of story based-activity for children through social media. We hope that we can have millions module that applicable for anyone who needs creative story based-activity. We (Me, Manda, Debby and Eva as a founder) are very happy to keep up our passion in children education through our new social start up. Learned from the past, we sets goals that focus on our process so we take it very easy to taking care of this. Slow but sure.

We just finished our first education project this year. Hope will be more projects next year!

Experienced in socio-start up, what can I conclude is:

  1. Find your flocks. Collaboration is the fuel of socio-start up. Find your trusted friend with the same value to build your socio-start up. Find some relatives who can work and make some projects with you.
  2. Reaffirm value. Its really need to be wrote down. Sets your value to classify your activities. Value is like a soul in a socio-start up.
  3. Ask your 5W1H. What is your value? what do you want to give? who is your partner? who is your beneficiaries? why? when it will started? where? and how big your impact? how to do that? That’s the most essential analysis you really have to done with.
  4. Set some goals.
  5. Keep everything documented. You can start writing or having social media, just keep everything documented so you will know how far you have walked.

Rumput Kecil is the smallest actions that will lead me to my biggest dream as Social Entrepreneur. Still holding my faith, I want to make it!

Just keep believe.


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