Creative Green School 2016

Rumput Kecil’s first project in 2016. Creative Green School 2016. Collaborated with Leaf plus and Antangin Junior, we held our creative education activity at 20 elementary schools in Bandung at January-June 2016.

This event, consist of several activities that is school approach, parktivity, wholeschool session and eco-detective, assessment and closing that connected one to another. At school approach, we work to engage 20 elementary schools in Bandung to get involved in this activity. Parktivity, is an event that held at City hall park where the park are decorated to attract people to come and enjoying their acivity at the park. There was Rumput Kecil’s spot where children can came to our spot and having fun by making their dream park using our module.

At the whole school session and eco-detective activity, we worked at 20 Elementary schools who committed to get involved at this project at School Approach session . Whole school session consist of ice breaking, story telling and envisioning session that children are made dream school garden from reusable stuffs while 20 of them are playing on eco-detective module. Eco detective module requires student to identify and assess their environment (school) then they have to discuss what did they found and make a decision about something to replace or develop. We have values there are, green water, green energy, green plant, green culture.

At the end of the project, there is closing event. An exhibition of children’s project about their dream green school and an announcement of the winner. Congratulation to Coblong and Pajajaran Elementary School!

It’s great to finally worked with children again. Since Sahabat Kota was Vacuum, i rarely had activities with them. The most interesting part of this project is, how to manage a big project and worked with several stakeholders. I have to manage people as main facilitator who will make decision when we had a parallel projects. Im so glad that i worked with Social welfare students from UNPAD as well. They’re so responsive and reliable since it’s their job as well.

You know you’re lucky when you have a great team to working with.


My Super Team

And you know you’re lucky when you work on something you love the most. I’m a luckiest girl ever!and a social entrepreneur soon to be!yeaaayyy




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