dream diary – pine forest in the middle of pink beach

Well two weeks ago i had a dream about pine forest in the middle of pink beach. There’s real pink beach at Lombok which i want to visit so much. So glad that i visited it in my dream, soon will visit pink beach in a real life. hehehe

I went to the beach with my sister and my niece. We had a very great time there. We rent a beach bench but the owner refund our money. He said that he has a “gay shop” which everyone is free except gay. Since me and my sister weren’t gay, so we can rent it for free. okay.

After had a great time playing at the beach, I went to visit the beach bench owner’s shop with my brother. Yes, a gay shop. The owner was Korean. He sells snack and souvenir we can take everything for free but if we gay, we have to pay. We have some conversation with the owner and suddenly like 4 gay came to the shop and the owner greet them nicely, like they were an old friends so i think i better go out and give them time for a small reunion.

I want to buy ice cream. So we went to an ice cream stall, but it’s sold out already. The owner tells us to buy ice cream at the other shop which is right across his ice cream stall. There’s Baskin Robin. They sell cheaper ice cream as well like 10.000 won (at the food stall the ice cream price is 25.000 won). So i choose mango peach ice cream and my brother choose rainbow ice cream. My ice cream is made from Cosmopolitan cocktail, ice cube, peaches and mango and vanila ice cream. They served a cup of coconut water to pour it on the ice cream. My brother ordered rainbow ice cream which is made from Jagermeister ice cube, rainbow ice cream and rainbow whipped cream with stars shaped sprinkles.

The waitress told us that the alcohol on the ice cream maybe too strong for us (i wore my hijab and muslim didn’t drink alcohol bet she knows that exactly)so she suggested us to avoid the heat after the ice cream to prevent drunk.

the taste is sooooo freshing!and we decided to went back to our bench. We walked on wood path and passed the Indian Massage stall. There’s my mom take a massage there and she’s shout out to us and want the ice cream as well. Oops!

She could kill us if she knows what we drink, so i told her that i had to back to my bench firdt, then i’ll gave her some ice cream. I went to my beach bench and put on my ice cream next to it. I gave my mom the coconut water, iput some vanilla ice cream, peach and mango on it as well.

when i went to her and give it to her, i woke up.



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