Meet and Greet My Favourite Illustrator, Ana Albero

Back in time when i visited Seoul, South Korea. I met my favourite Illustrator on her exhibition, Ana Albero. I like and follow her art work from pinterest like since couple years ago. When i made my instagram account, I try to found her instagram account and follow her as soon as i can.

I like her artwork style, childish, the detail and the colours. I more like her since she worked for children’s book illustration. All i know about her books is Coco Chanel. I really want to buy her book since long time ago. I enjoyed her artwork from her instagram as well, she regularly post things there.

I was had a boring time and scrolling on my instagram’s time line when suddenly something catches my eyes. Ana Albero posted that she was at Seoul for Exhibition at everyday mooonday gallery. I immediately commented on her post and asked if she was at Seoul. Hell yeah, SHE WAS!!i checked out everyday mooonday’s instagram and followed it, search it location on maps and planned to visited Ana Albero’s exhibition launching night.

Ana albero_5111.jpg

the announcement from everydaymooonday gallery’s post

I went to that place with my friend, Iqbal. Before that we were so starving and ate burger near the gallery. When we arrived, they still have some preparation and we have our seat.

A couple minutes later, OMG!OMG!IT WAS HER!!

Ana albero_7440.jpg


So exciting!!and after her presentation, i finally bought her book, Pet Portraits. Yeaaaaayyyyy. We went to meet her and asked her signature on my book. When it come to my turn, She recognized me!AAAAAAAAKKKKK SO HAPPYYYYYY!!!what a humble, friendly and lovely Ana!I officially her big fan now hehehe. I gave her some colouring pen to write on my book but she prefer to write it with her weapon (her best pentel). Kyaaaaa so happy.

After that, we strolling around her exhibition.


Happee face :))


Blurry, but that’s okay still happy though

I enjoyed it so much then went back home. Right when i arrived, i told my sister and brother about this superb experience!so exciting and the good feeling, was long last.

Ana albero_4791.jpg

Ana albero_7140.jpg

What an experience, what a coincidence. Happy!happy!I even feel the happiness when I wrote this post!yeaaayyyy!!



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