How to cure bell’s palsy

Holla!As I promise, I’m gonna tell you about how to cure bell’s palsy. My recovery takes 3 months but some people recovered faster, it’s all depend on your activities and treatment. Let’s take more details


my first week of bell’s palsy

How to recognize that you got bell’s palsy?like i told you on my previous post, bell’s palsy come so sudden with out any symptoms. What caused bell’s palsy hasn’t revealed yet some says that’s because of virus that attack your facial nerves when you have weak immunity system. Some says, too much cold wind exposed to your face area caused bell’s palsy. But in my case, it’s because stressed and weak immunity system. First i recognized that a got bell’s palsy is i felt great pain on my neck right below my ear (doctor said it because inflammation on my facial nerves that located right below ears) and got a sore throat, half sore throat actually. After that, some part of my face are twitching in my case it started from my eyes area (some people started from lips area)

What to do? Don’t panic and immediately ask somebody to take you to the hospital, you really need treatment and medicine from professional. Companion are recommended because you’ll never know what’s gonna happen to you in the next second better have someone to take you there. After that you need total bed rest. In my case, bell’s palsy makes me so limp and exhausted all i can do for the first two weeks just eat and sleep. I don’t even had much energy to taking bath. Well all you have to do is just make sure that you have much sleep and nutritious food.

What to eat? Well actually, there’s no food restriction for bell’s palsy sufferers. But make sure that you eat much super food like banana, spinach, turmeric, blueberries etc. You should eat food with B12 and zinc like fish, milk, yoghurt etc and make sure that you consume anti inflammatory food like green leafy vegetables, beets, pineapple etc. I regularly chew bubble gum as well to stimulate facial muscles (very recommended). I consume essential oils and supplement to accelerate the cure as well

Therapy. There’s some therapy to cure bell’s palsy from my research through internet, Acupuncture are the most recommended therapy to cure bell’s palsy. But since i didn’t brave enough to imagine there’s needles on my face, i prefer physiotherapy and facial massage routine by my self. Here’s video for your bell’s palsy facial massage i usually put on olive oil and peppermint essential oil. I had my physiotherapy for 1,5 month after that i took facial routine massage.




a month with bell’s palsy


2 months with bell’s palsy

Inner peace. The most important things to cure bell’s palsy is to find your inner peace. It’s time for you to fully focused on your body, on your self. Let go of things that ruins you and free your mind. Forgive your self, listen to your body and take more time for them. I usually spend my recovery time with a glass of honey with 3 drops of peppermint and lemon oil it’s so relaxing, i have my meditation as well focusing on my body and soul.


The 3rd month of bell’s palsy, voila!recovered already!!Alhamdulillahirabbli Aalamiiiin

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah i finally recovered. Keep believe, that all you need is to make peace with yourself and everything will be better faster than you ever thought.




3 thoughts on “How to cure bell’s palsy

  1. I have heard about this and really reading it from you makes it more understandable and thanks for the infos. I wish you fully recovered well. Take care and thanks for following my blog. Just been busy lately so I can only respond just now. Cheers!

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