My Favourite Exercise

Since I recovered from bell’s palsy (told you on previous post) I take more time to get to know my body better. I started my diet and have some exercise at least 90 minutes per week (to be honest, I was very far from exercise. Didn’t remember when the last time i had my exercise before bell’s palsy. That’s one of the reasons i got sick).

Known that i had an introvert side (FYI im an ambivert hoho) i never feel comfortable to had my workout around too much people. Gym are not really me, i can’t swim and i like dynamic moves. So I decided to have my exercise from home, watch the video from youtube and move!Here my favourite youtube channel, check it out!

” Daily workouts with a healthy dose of energy! Come join us for a training session, a workout challenge, or tips on how to get the body you desire.-Xhit Daily”
Yess!!this is one of my favourite channel youtube. Their training session and workout challenge are highly effective moves. They just take couple minutes dynamic moves but successfully makes me like a gallons of sweat!They had up to toe workout so you can chose which part of your body you want to shape. They had fitness and strength exercise as well and it’s all was highly effective and  it didn’t take too long, very efficient!I love it!

I always have so much to do list in a day, to exercise with XHIT DAILY are helped a lot!I can have my exercise without worried about the time i’ve spent are too much for it. I usually had my warming up alone then had my 10 minutes chest and back exercise with my favourite XHIT host, Rebecca Louis. After that do something with my flat stomach exercise for 8 minute and ended with victoria’s secret angels butt and leg workout for 6 minutes hohoho. Sometimes I was in hurry, I didn’t have much time well 17 minutes full body workout are helped a lot.

This is XHIT DAILY website for further information


boho beautiful.jpgto keep my self exercising sometimes I try more static and relaxing exercise like yoga. So I try to find some yoga channel youtube an this is my favourite, boho beautiful. They are husband-wife vegan, they traveled a lot and they practicing healthy life. I like to see how they lived and their yoga exercise video are lovely. I like the music they put on their video and the tone of their video are awesome!so lovely!

Like I mentioned repeatedly, I like to have efficient exercise time. Boho beautiful had it all. Since i knew that i had stressed a lot i try some yoga for stress release and anxiety and sometimes i have my yoga for detox and digestion exercise. All the exercises will not more than 20minutes but all you got is awesome!fair sweaty and relax body!I love it!

Don’t worry, Boho beautiful’s yoga are easy to follow and very beginner friendly (based on my experience as a beginner, hehehe)

you can visit their instagram as well and their website but still underconstruction. but you can check their youtube channel on the link above.

That is it, my favourite exercise. What’s yours?let me know 🙂

See ya!:)



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