Orang Utan

Back in time when i had my Hangul class at Kongbubang, Seoul. One fine Saturday (the class is held on Saturday afternoon) i came late and sat in a front row of the class. The tutor asked me, where am i come from? (she was a new teacher). I answered, Indonesia. She asked me specific city. I said, Bandung.

She asked me again if i were friend with Indonesian guy at class come from Surabaya (He sat far from me). Suddenly a guy who sat right behind me answered, “no, no, no. Surabaya and Bandung quite far”. Oh okay, i bet he knew Indonesia.


After class this guy, A Nordic slightly Alpine Caucasian suddenly appear and asked me, “Kumaha Dulur, damang?pangestu?”(Hi friend, how are you?fine? in Basa Sunda or Sundanese language). It surprising me a lot to met someone who can speak Basa Sunda  (at least for only greetings in basa sunda) and he’s not even Indonesian!!(Well my ethnic is Sunda, you know Indonesia is multiethnic country). We started to talked, he told me that he ever lived in Bandung for two years!!

Since then, we spent time a lot. He lived in Seoul for about 3 month for traveling. He’s a funny guy but he was a quite introvert. I like his adventurous spirit, he’s a true traveler. He traveled almost around the world. I admired his traveling experience. A symphonic-metal head translator who likes bakso ceker at Braga street in Bandung, He like to play karinding (sundanese music instrument made from bamboo) as well. He likes coffee latte!He’s a very nice guy, but very hard to take a picture of him. He hates camera so much hahaha..


We played board game at BodeuCafe Seoul

We had great time, some silly moment, awkward moment and did much stupidity. He’s a spontaneous and sometimes careless, forgot things, lost things, even lost him self in the middle of somewhere, spill out drinks (but i did much more than him hehehe) Im so grateful that I’ve met him. I learn a lot from him and he just gave me more exposure about things, he sent me adventurous spirit although he doesn’t even know that. He’s spontaneous and friendly. All the things he said are too familiar for me. The most memorable things he told me is about his Patagonia journey, when he can’t find any cars to hitchhike in the middle of forest and 4 degrees weather and he walked and it takes like 2-3 days. What an adventurous person. He moved to Vietnam two weeks before i went home to Indonesia. After that, he went back to Russia and move again to Berlin. Now I never heard about him anymore.


Sky park


Time to fly to Vietnam!!

I could write like hundred post about him, too much nice things i like and words are never enough to explain. May health and happiness be with him . Wherever you are. I Hope to see you again, Orang Utan 🙂


Me and OrangUtan


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