It’s All About the Attitude

I was graduated as a Bachelor of engineering in 2014. To be an Industrial Engineer is something I ever dreamt of, but my life goal are beyond that achievement instead.


too excited

I do believe that everything that has happened to myself is because of my decision. That’s why I always stick with my decision take it risk and opportunity. Without exception to my career as well.

Take it or leave it.

The way i made my decision. I consider myself as a ”saklek” person. It’s zakelijk in dutch mean pragmatic. Take the opportunity and it risk. As a fresh graduate, it didn’t take too long for me to decided what kind of job I will do. My life goal is become a Social Entrepreneur, I can have my first job as a project manager for non-profit organization or start up my business to pursue it. I’m so lucky to have both job offer to chose. I was hired as a program manager at Jalan Sesama (Sesame Street) while i have a start up business project offer for supply clothes to one of biggest retail in Indonesia, Transmart.

I knew I always dreamt of being Social entrepreneur and my way through Jalan Sesama seems closer to that but I chose to start up my business instead. Why? Why do I chose something more risky?

“Take a chance, is the best way to test yourself” – Richard Branson

I like something more challenging and I can see my future as Social Entrepreneur here. It may seem beyond my biggest dream, but no one can see it even closer except me. I think i could give my big impact for people through Jalan Sesama but if I do my best here I’m believe that i can give bigger impact than i ever expect.

The most important consideration of your decision in your future job is, your own value. What do you believe the most, what do you want the most, what kind of risk you’d like to accept.keep-calm

It’s not only about deciding your best future but also the risk you want to be faced. Envision your path, which one will give you more chance to reach your life goal.

Good Luck! 🙂


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