Who is Atu?


My name is Atu. I am an energetic and passionate Entrepreneur. I worked for my family business, MamiBelle nursingwear while managing my tiny lovely story-based activity for children community, Rumput Kecil. I love to have solo traveling, I want to visit Sabang to Merauke, a whole of Italy and watch northern lights from Norway. Still hold my Interest and skills will bring to pursue my biggest dream: Social Entrepreneur.

what do i believe..

  1. Allah Subhanahuwata’alla. My whole life is belong to Allah..
  2. Life is about people I’ve met. Everyone in my life is priceless.
  3. Kindness is a part of faith.
  4. Something I can imagine and think about repeatedly, Will be happen!
  5. Life is about share others.
  6. words is not only the arrangement of alphabet. Its an affirmation.

what will you find on my post…

  1. Positive stories and thoughts
  2. How people i’ve met are mean something in my life and their experiences
  3. Absurd dreams (I always have it anyway)
  4. Experiences in managing socio start-up and business (based on mine)
  5. Small reminder to always be happy 🙂
Welcome to the blog of Atu the daydreamer 😀

Lets be happy, people!


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